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July 8, 2018

Hy Wald
King Geroge New (D-9)
10:00 am

Zarie Abergel
Hebrew Sick (P) #5 (B-34)
10:00 am

Sylvia Gorman
BDH New Memorial Ext (E-12)
11:00 am

Sarah Pinsky
Bassarabier New (D-1)
11:00 am

Miriam Benegbi
BH Nusach Hoari New (B-3)
11:00 am

Hennie Bernett
Shomrim Laboker #2 Old ((D-2)
12:00 pm

Michael Kovshoff
Farband Old #2 (D-17)
01:00 pm

Harry Zimmerman
Adath Jeshurun- Sec-2
02:00 pm