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October 22, 2017

Mishka Saal
Hebrew Sick (P) #5 (B-34)
09:00 am

Mortimer Fraackt
NE Wilkomier #2 (B-9)
10:30 am

Sheldon Miller
Pinsker #3 (B-4)
11:00 am

Jack Strominger
Hebrew Sick Old #1 (C-1)
11:00 am

Jeannette Feltin
Hungarian (B-22)
11:00 am

Shirley Dolman
Hebrew Sick (P) #5 (B-34)
11:00 am

Glorya Eisenstat
Chevra Shaas Old (C-12)
11:00 am

Carlos Shuster
Adath Israel #3 (C-17)
11:00 am

Jerry Fleischer
Montifiore Protective (D-14)
12:00 pm

Lotty Jaslowitz
BDH New Memorial (A-2)
01:45 pm

Betty Federgreen
Tifereth Israel (D-12)
02:00 pm