The custom of placing a monument over the grave of a departed person is a very ancient Jewish tradition. The Book of Genesis, for example, records that Jacob erected a tombstone (Matzevah) over the grave of his wife Rachel. From Biblical times onward, wherever Jewish communities have existed, Jews have continued this practice of erecting a memorial in honor of their deceased. Monuments are required for all burials at Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemeteries and may be ordered directly from the approved monument maker of your choice. Approved monument makers are familiar with the size and styles of monuments permitted at the cemetery.

When you order a monument, the maker is required to submit a “permit to erect a monument” to our office for approval. A permit cannot be approved if the monument does not meet our size and style standards or if there are any unpaid balances for the grave due to Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemeteries or its affiliates. Headstones must meet the requirements of Halacha. Embellishments, such as curbing, fences, lamps or ledgers that hamper our ability to maintain the grounds are not permitted.

Footstones are discouraged as they can be susceptible to damage beyond our control. Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemeteries Inc. will not be responsible however caused.

Authorized Monument Makers 

Berson and Paperman Monuments
5635 Ferrier
Montreal, Quebec H4P 1N1
[email protected]
Liben Monuments 
5000 De La Savane #101
Montreal, Quebec H4P IT8
[email protected]
Parent Monuments
John Machalani
[email protected] 
Vincent Monuments
515 24th Avenue
Lachine, Quebec H8S 3V9
[email protected]
Granite Ruben & Fils
4747 Carlton Avenue,
Montreal, Quebec H3W 1G5
[email protected]
Martel & Fils Inc.
Chris Papageorgiou

Monument Specifications

Single Monument: 
36" high X  24" wide X 8"-10" thick
Single Base:
12" high X 28" wide   12"-14" thick
Double Monument:
30"-32" high X  48"-52" wide X 8"-10" thick
Double Base:
12" high X 56" wide X12"-14" thick
Triple Monument: 
30"-32" high X 74" wide X 8"-10" thick
24" long X 12" wide X 4"-6" thick

N.B. 1 base stone per monument


  1. No one piece monuments will be allowed.
  2. No monuments with glued on sections will be allowed.
  3. Colours permitted: grey, black or brown.  If there is concern over shading of these colours, it is the responsibility of the monument provider to verify with the office prior to approval.
  4. No base stone that is polished all around is permissible.
  5. No memorial candle holders are permitted to be permanently secured to either the monument or base on any facing or side.
  6. No photographs or images of any type can be placed on any part of the monument or base.
  7. No cement or granite ledgers are permissible.
  8. No double footsones will be allowed.
  9. No monument can be erected if there is no foundation in place.
  10. Monument deliveries must be no later than two weeks prior to a scheduled unveiling.
  11. No work or deliveries of any kind on Friday or Sunday.
  12. No monument installations will be allowed without an approved permit document.  
  13. The permit must be submitted to the cemetery office for approval prior to installation.
  14. The permit must detail all of the above information, size, colour, etc...
  15. Please call the cemetery office for a confirmation number.
  16. Any  supplier who delivers monuments on behalf the monument makers must have been approved by the cemetrey and must have provided proof of insurance