Cemetery Safety Policy

Cemetery Safety Policy 

The Montreal climate and the ground under the cemetery (underground streams exist below the cemetery) causes the ground to shift when it freezes and defrosts each year.

Numerous ledgers and curbings have shifted and caused damage to the surrounding grave sites and monuments and pose a serious safety risk.

The Board of Directors of the Baron de Hirsch- Back River Cemeteries Inc and the affiliate members have approved the following policy, effective immediately:

During repairs or maintenance work that is required in a section, row or individual monument, all existing ledgers and curbings will be removed and not be re-installed
  1. BDH-BRC will advise in writing the “next of kin” on it’s file and copy the Affiliate on whose land the affected grave is located.
  2. The said notice will be sent a minimum of 30 days prior to the work being performed.
  3. The Affiliate, as well, will advise in writing, the family of the deceased whose grave is affected and copy the BDH-BRC with the said notice
  4. If cemetery and/or the Affiliate have no “next of kin” or family in their records, they will advise each other in writing.
If the family of a deceased whose grave site is affected, wishes to replace the curbing, they may do so provided the following conditions are fulfilled:
  1. The family is responsible to pay for the entire cost and expense of the new curbing, including the cost of a foundation to support the curbing and labour.
  2. The curbing must be made of granite.
  3. The family will create with BDH-BRC a Curbing Maintenance Fund which will form part of cemetery’s Prepaid Floral Fund and which will be maintained in the same manner.
  4. The minimum amount to be deposited will be equal to the cost referred to in point 1 above;
  5. The said Curbing Maintenance Fund will be used to carry out repairs to the grave site as needed and determined by BDH-BRC.
  6. Once the Curbing Maintenance Fund balance is $500 or less, the family will be advised in writing addressed to the person and mailed to the address that BDH-BR was given by the family for the said purpose that it can replenish the Curbing Maintenance Fund with the amount of funds determined by BDH-BRC.
  7. If the family chooses not to replenish the Curbing Maintenance Fund within 30 days of the notice referred to in 6 above, the remaining balance of funds will be transferred to BDH- BRC. BDH-BRC will be responsible to remove the curbings and to grass over the grave when the next repair is required.

Approved September  2022

Ledger (cement or stone coverings of a grave)

Curbings (cement or stone border around a grave)