The Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemeteries Inc. is responsible for the care and upkeep of two of Montreal's oldest Jewish Cemeteries, the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery and the Back River Memorial Gardens Cemetery. The BDH Community Foundation and other large and small affiliates, synagogues and burial societies own land in both cemeteries.

 The grounds of the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery, founded in 1905, are the final resting place of many people who contributed to Jewish life in Montreal and elsewhere and are well worth exploring. Here you will find memorials to victims of the Holocaust, touching, poetic and interesting epitaphs, and the graves of a Titanic victim, famous rabbis, well-known authors and other prominent Canadians.

 The Back River Memorial Gardens Cemetery, dating back to the late 1800's, has been beautifully restored with the generous support of Montreal's Jewish community and the Québec government. In 2012, the Back River Cemetery joined with the Baron de Hirsch Cemetery; the merger ensures that the Cemetery will be well-maintained in future years so families and others will always be able to visit a setting that exudes peace, serenity and respect.